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January 14, 2010

Color Your Ancestor Alive! by Karen Krugman

February 11, 2010

Comparing a few Genealogy Software Programs by Chuck Oslund
Legacy 7 Deluxe on Windows XP
Roots Magic 3 on Windows XP
Family Tree Maker 2006 on Windows XP
Reunion 9 on Mac OS X
Mac Family Tree on Mac OS X
iFamily for Snow Leopard on Mac OS X
GRAMPS on Ubuntu 9.10

You can view or download the Genealogy Compare Spreadsheet from the presentation here:
Genealogy Program Compare in PDF Format or Genealogy Program Compare in Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Format

You can view or download Sample Genealogy Reports (in pdf format) from the 7 programs here:

Family Group Sheet
Pedigree Chart
Ancestor Chart
Descendant Outline
Descendant Chart
Family Tree Maker 2006
FMT2006 Family Group Sheet FTM2006 Pedigree Chart FTM2006 Ancestor Chart FTM2006 Descendant Outline - removed None easily produced
Legacy 7 Deluxe
Legacy Family Group Sheet Legacy Pedigree Chart Legacy Ancestor Chart Legacy Descendant Outline - removed None easily produced
Roots Magic 3
Roots Magic Family Group Sheet Roots Magic Pedigree Chart None easily produced Roots Magic Descendant Outline - removed Roots Magic Descendant Chart - removed
Reunion 9
Mac OS X
Reunion Family Group Sheet Reunion Pedigree Chart Reunion Ahnentafel Report None easily produced Reunion Descendant Chart - removed
Mac Family Tree
Mac OS X
None easily produces None easily produced Mac Family Tree Ancestor Chart None easily produced Mac Family Tree Descendant Chart - removed
iFamily for Snow Leopard
Mac OS X
None easily produces None easily produced iFamily Ancestor Chart iFamily Descendant Outline - removed iFamily Descendant Chart - removed
GRAMPS Family Group Sheet None easily produced GRAMPS Ancestor Chart GRAMPS Descendant Outline - removed GRAMPS Descendant Chart - removed

March 11, 2010

Now where was I by Linus Drogs
This talk is about keeping research information organized, using Linus' own research as an example, and shows how to pick up the search after letting it lay for several months.

April 8, 2010

Elections Our New Officers Are:

Michigan on the Web by Kris Rzepczynski, from the Library of Michigan

May 13, 2010

Maps for Genealogy: Old, New, and Digital By Ceil Wendt Jensen
Whether its finding the family farm on a plat map or the changing boarders of a county or country; maps are indispensable. A range of sources, types and uses of maps will be covered.

June, 2010

No Meeting in June - time for family and genealogy research!

July, 2010

No Meeting in July - time for family and genealogy research!

August, 2010

No Meeting in August - time for family and genealogy research!

September 9, 2010

Relationships by Tom Barret

FGC Library Sale - all items must go!

Special Roundtable - How I spent my Summer Vacation! by Club Members

October 14, 2010

Blogging and You by Carol Stevens

November 11, 2010

The Walls Come Timbling Down by Diane Oslund

December 9, 2010

Annual Christmas Party Kiernan's Steak House

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